Richard Williams

Richard Williams
Richard Williams

1629 Cross Beam Dr
Charlotte, NC  28217

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Our founder, David Williams, began his career in the office equipment industry back in 1967 working for one of the 2 manufacturers of postage meters in the United States. He achieved his success as a result of a keen understanding that we must keep a focus on the customer and their mailing needs. Working for the manufacturer, David gained valuable insight, training and experience on a variety of best practices and how to grow the customer relationship.
All of the companies assembled by David Williams are branded under one name, Lineage, to help identify the company both internally and externally. Lineage was selected as the company name since it spoke to the “family legacy” and a “family philosophy” that it represents, with decades in the business and managers experience totaling in the hundreds of years. Regardless of changes in technology, economic conditions, or business fad or fancy, Lineage will always do whatever it takes to take care of its customers and its employees.
At Lineage, the important things never change. Thank you for giving us the chance to earn and keep your business!