Charles Sharpe

Charles Sharpe
Charles Sharpe
First Class Presort

4123 Rose Lake Dr Ste E
Charlotte, NC  28217

Executive Board Member
Couriers, Mailing, Print/Mail
Welcome to First Class Presort. We have handled mail for the Charlotte area for over fifteen years as a courier company. Presorting and Metering services grew out of the need for our smaller less sophisticated mailers to capture USPS discounts and cut costs associated with mail and business transactions.
First Class Presort & MAiLED Inc. have Joined Forces to Better Serve You. Direct Mail
is one of the most effective forms of advertising used. If done correctly, it can return the highest customer response. Direct mail generated about $390 billion in sales in 2002.

Services Offered:
First Class Letters and Flats Automation
Standard Letters and Flats Automation
Folding/ Inserting
CASS certification.